Poem by Imraj Sohal – Stage batting second

The toss is a loss from the very beginning
It’s usually the opposing captain who comes back grinning

Another high target we have to meet
Having been subjected to Arabian levels of heat

Even our very own Jeff is oft out of breath
Bowling over after over from a shorter length

Energised batsmen we have in abundance
Regularly finding themselves in redundance

Pummelled fielders recovering six hit balls from up yonder

Wearisome Owen moaning “I can’t bowl much longer”

Tired and jaided we emerge for the chasing
But back to the pavilion our batsmen come racing

In the cold showers we wipe off our tears
Our dreams of making centuries soothed only by beers

And then the oppo jest that Stage are no longer a force with which to be reckoned

To which I say, “because we always bat f**king second !”

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